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2020 Spring Semester 07
BK 511/Lecture/7Z - International Marketing | Credits 3.00
Constant, rapid change in global markets require organizations, regardless of size, to adapt business practices to continue operation. As technological advances transform communication, travel capabilities, and efficiencies, it is rendering geographical distance irrelevant. This course will examine elements of global marketing at the corporate, business and functional levels.

Registration Type Traditional
Fees N/A
Instructors Arnold, Jimmie E
Duration 4/27/2020 - 6/6/2020
Schedule Wednesday  5:30 PM - 9:30 PM;  Mount Mercy Univ, Basile Hall, Room BH 200
Prerequisites N/A
Corequisites N/A
Credit Types Credit
Class 4 Seats | 1 Remaining

Primary population and other student populations allowed to register for this course:
 Primary Population# Others Allowed# Others Registered
Campus  Mount Mercy University40
Program  Graduate00
Department  Graduate00